Paperbacks Coming Soon

ctc 3x2ish

I am having Cover Me Darling do my cover for Rebuilding Trust and redo Courage that Counts to make the series flow. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

She also resized the jacket so that I can get paperbacks in the original cover! I want one for myself and I will make them available to others.

Warning: This is uploaded as the original so it has the errors in the book. When the new cover comes out I will have gone through CTC and fixed errors and re-sized the pictures for Cory and Carrie.

As I am selling them I just wanted to be upfront that one- it has the errors and stuff it will be different with new cover 2-there will soon be u updated version with a new look. 3=you will have choices

Heck if you love it feel free to go for both covers. There will only be a few of the originals out there.


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