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Rebuilding Trust by Elison Grace

Release date: Nov. 3, 2015

Cover design: Cover Me Darling


The only thing Cory took serious was his career as a firefighter. His relationships consisted of nothing more than one night stands.

Until he met her.

After Carrie’s heart has been shattered she changed her life. Forced herself to become a strong-willed, independent woman. She didn’t need anyone to support her.

Especially a man.

Cory makes it his mission to win Carrie’s love and trust. Can he help rebuild her shattered heart or will their hearts end up in a pile of ashes?

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. Kandi pops out her hip, placing an orange hand on it. “Really, Cory? You are letting her say she’s your girlfriend? She needs to learn her place. You don’t do girlfriends.”

That is it. I am done with nice. She’s going down. Cory’s voice vibrates my back as I lean against him when he tells her, “Kandi, she knows her place and she just told you what it is. She is my girlfriend.”

She stomps her cheap shoe and raises a red painted nail, pointing it in Cory’s face. She opens her mouth to yell at him, but  she doesn’t get the chance. I stand, turning towards her with rage in my eyes. I don’t yell.

My voice comes out low and threatening when I speak, “First, get your finger out of his face before I have to break off every one of those ugly nails you paid good money for.”

Her hand drops to her side as she takes me in, but I am nowhere near done with her. The guys are all just watching the show. I can tell they are all on the edge of their seats ready to break up a girl fight. Lana steps around Dylan so she can get to us if I need her. That’s what I love about her. Doesn’t matter what it is, she’s got my back. Dylan lightly places a hand on her arm as a warning for her to let me deal with it for now.

“Second, I don’t want a word to come out of your mouth. You are the one who needs to learn their place. You have never and will never mean anything more than a good time to him. He never cared about you, so don’t get it twisted. Call it what it is and do you know what that is? Well, it’s O.V.E.R. forever. Do you understand?”

She just stares at me then looks at Cory like she expects him to correct me. He doesn’t say a word and I continue, “You must be a little slow in the head because I know he has already told you this. I was on the phone when you had the conversation. You didn’t listen to him then, but you better be listening to me now.” I lean closer, getting right up in her face, “I heard you tell him before that he was cheating on you with me. Not true. He was done with you way before. Get it through your head. He is mine. He wants me not you. That will not change. So you better get to looking around for a new good time. Trust me, this is me being nice to you right now. Keep trying to talk to Cory or trying to cause trouble and next time I won’t be nice. Before you make yourself look any worse or make me any angrier, I suggest you turn around and walk away. I don’t even want to see you look in our direction. We are celebrating tonight and you are getting in the way. I want to get back to it. Have a lovely evening, somewhere else.”

She takes one last look at Cory like he is going to defend her. I shake my head and glare at her. She quickly drops her head and walks away. My body is vibrating from the anger and adrenaline pumping through me. Cory pulls me back to him and runs his hands up and down my arms gently a few times. The more contact he makes the more relaxed my body becomes. Lana returns to her seat and tries to start up normal conversation again.

The guys are not having it. Nolan says, “You are bad ass. If that was directed at me, I would be scared for sure.”


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