Release day Dark Law


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampires

Cover Model: Sven Signe Den Hartogh

Photographer: Franggy Yanez Photography

Cover Designer: MadHat Books


When the sun goes down its my job along with a few others called Dark Law, to protect the secrecy of our kind and the safety of the humans in Boston. Now there’s a problem.
I have spent centuries looking for my soul mate. I’ve finally found her. Only it can’t be the forever kind of love. Eternity – something I have but she doesn’t. She’s light and life. I’m darkness and death. I refuse to bring her into the darkness.
I need to protect Kinsey from the knowledge that monsters exist and that her soul is connected to one…Me.
If she finds out her world will be changed forever.



Many would argue that I should give up the search for my soulmate. They feel that I don’t have a soul. Just because I’m undead doesn’t mean I don’t have a soul. At least that’s the way I see it. The search for my partner has been going on for over a century without anyone being able to sway my opinion. Sitting here in the shadows watching the onyx haired beauty reading under the dim glow of a desk lamp I know my persistence has paid off.

There is a pull I feel between her soul to mine calling me to her, but I stay in the shadows. Nothing good will come from us being together. She’s light and life and I’m darkness and death.

Hours pass as I sit watching her. Contentment takes over her as she falls further into her story. A need to know her wears on me, to know a way to make a smile light her face every day for the rest of eternity. Eternity, that’s the problem. I have it, she doesn’t. As much as I need her I will not be the one to change that, so I must keep my distance.

A tiny squeak escapes her as she marks her spot in her book and stretches. A growl escapes me at the thought of what it would be like to learn every one of her little noises. Her eyes dart up as the sound travels through the empty space, slinking back I make sure she can’t see me. She shakes her head as if she’s trying to convince herself the noise was nothing and gathers her belongings.

The evening is dimly lit and hazy with the glow of the full moon passing through the cloudy night sky. She stands at the top of the steps ready to walk home by herself. The night is full of monsters she can’t even fathom. I can’t let her put herself at risk. Grabbing the security jacket I acquired to help me fit in; I round the corner of the library coming up behind her. I can hear her heartbeat race as I follow her. I call out hoping it will calm her some, “Hey, hold up a second.”

She stops reluctantly but seems to settle when she reads security written on my jacket. I can feel her eyes taking me in assessing if it’s safe to be talking to me. I place my hand on her shoulder and introduce myself “HI, I’m Ambrose. Need an escort home?”

“Sure. Thanks. It’s not far.” Her voice is soft and melodic. I need to hear more. We walk the few short blocks to her dorm room making polite small talk. Standing in front of her dorm my muscles are tight from physically stopping myself from taking her into my arms and making her mine. I have made sure she was safe and that’s where it needs to end. I refuse to bring her into my darkness.

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Author Bio:

Hey, I’m Elison. I am the author of the Loveland Fire Series. Courage that Counts and Rebuilding Trust are available now on Amazon.
I live in the Midwest with my husband, our sassy mini me, and a naughty dog named Murray.
Most of my time is spent stalking cover models and blogging about amazing books that I have read. I love being emotionally gutted by a book and you can more often than not find me up late crying over one. This may be why Courage that Counts has been known to emotionally shred the reader. If you enjoy an emotional read then try my books. Warning have tissues on hand.

Facebook | Website | Twitter | Amazon Author Page | GoodReads


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