New 5 Star Review for Rebuilding Trust


on November 19, 2015

This was the 2nd book in the Loveland Fire Series. This book was about Cory and Carrie you met them in the first book and this book picks up and dives more into their relationship. This book like the first book is amazing.

When Carrie came to Loveland Colorado she had ran from a past she never wanted to go back to. She built a wall up around herself so she could never get hurt again. But when her roommate Lana’s boyfriend Dylan’s partner Cory comes over to help them paint she can’t believe the hot fireman before her. But she has been warned that Cory is a player and not to get involved, but does she see something different in him? She sure would like to find out.

After Roy passed Cory was promoted to be Dylan’s partner. The day Cory went to help paint his partners girlfriends place he never expected to meet the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. But can he settle down and put his past ways behind them?

They were both warned to stay away from each other, but can they? Can Carrie let Cory in or is friends with benefits all she can handle? The attraction they feel for each other might just be too strong to walk away from.

You should definitely read the 1st book in the series. Elison Grace is just amazing with her words and writes a story that will transport you right to Loveland Colorado.

Received an advance readers copy in exchange for an honest review.


Courage That Counts Rebuilding Trust


5 Star Review from Wanda


I thoroughly enjoyed this book as a continuation in this series. The secret forbidden love of Cory and Carrie comes to light and not everyone is happy about it. It starts as being Friends with Benefits that leads to so much more. Carrie has trust issues because of her ex fiancé and Cory needs to prove himself because of his playboy ways. They struggle with each of their own pasts that make things work against them as Dylan and Lana work on their own happily ever after. I look forward to the next book in this series.

I was given this as an ARC for an honest review

5 star review for Rebuilding Trust


5 stars for Rebuilding Trust by Elison Grace!!

This is the second book in the Loveland Fire Series, and it is the story of Cory and Carrie aka “Hero and Sun”.

I was fortunate enough to be able to beta read this book, and I must confess that I anxiously awaited each new installment. It was like when an episode of your favorite tv show leaves you hanging, and you really don’t want to wait to find out how things play out. So to say that I was excited to finally get my hands on the finished product would be a huge understatement!

After her heart is shattered, Carrie packs up and moves away from everyone she knows to Loveland, Colorado. When her best friend, Lana, introduces her to a sexy fireman named Cory, their attraction to one another is immediate. Lana quickly informs Carrie of Corey’s manwhoring ways and warns her to steer clear of him. However, Cory seems to be just what Carrie is looking for-a good time with no strings attached. They each agree to a friends with benefits relationship never realizing how their feelings for one another will grow. Just as they begin to establish a more meaningful and trusting relationship, they are faced with a couple of obstacles that threaten to destroy everything they have built together.

I just love Elison Grace’s writing style! Her attention to detail really draws you into the story so much so that you feel as if you are right alongside the characters experiencing everything that they are. While this is a standalone, I would recommend reading the first book, Courage that Counts, because it is a great read too! Another great job, Elison Grace!!

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Rebuilding Trust by Elison Grace

Release date: Nov. 3, 2015

Cover design: Cover Me Darling


The only thing Cory took serious was his career as a firefighter. His relationships consisted of nothing more than one night stands.

Until he met her.

After Carrie’s heart has been shattered she changed her life. Forced herself to become a strong-willed, independent woman. She didn’t need anyone to support her.

Especially a man.

Cory makes it his mission to win Carrie’s love and trust. Can he help rebuild her shattered heart or will their hearts end up in a pile of ashes?

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. Kandi pops out her hip, placing an orange hand on it. “Really, Cory? You are letting her say she’s your girlfriend? She needs to learn her place. You don’t do girlfriends.”

That is it. I am done with nice. She’s going down. Cory’s voice vibrates my back as I lean against him when he tells her, “Kandi, she knows her place and she just told you what it is. She is my girlfriend.”

She stomps her cheap shoe and raises a red painted nail, pointing it in Cory’s face. She opens her mouth to yell at him, but  she doesn’t get the chance. I stand, turning towards her with rage in my eyes. I don’t yell.

My voice comes out low and threatening when I speak, “First, get your finger out of his face before I have to break off every one of those ugly nails you paid good money for.”

Her hand drops to her side as she takes me in, but I am nowhere near done with her. The guys are all just watching the show. I can tell they are all on the edge of their seats ready to break up a girl fight. Lana steps around Dylan so she can get to us if I need her. That’s what I love about her. Doesn’t matter what it is, she’s got my back. Dylan lightly places a hand on her arm as a warning for her to let me deal with it for now.

“Second, I don’t want a word to come out of your mouth. You are the one who needs to learn their place. You have never and will never mean anything more than a good time to him. He never cared about you, so don’t get it twisted. Call it what it is and do you know what that is? Well, it’s O.V.E.R. forever. Do you understand?”

She just stares at me then looks at Cory like she expects him to correct me. He doesn’t say a word and I continue, “You must be a little slow in the head because I know he has already told you this. I was on the phone when you had the conversation. You didn’t listen to him then, but you better be listening to me now.” I lean closer, getting right up in her face, “I heard you tell him before that he was cheating on you with me. Not true. He was done with you way before. Get it through your head. He is mine. He wants me not you. That will not change. So you better get to looking around for a new good time. Trust me, this is me being nice to you right now. Keep trying to talk to Cory or trying to cause trouble and next time I won’t be nice. Before you make yourself look any worse or make me any angrier, I suggest you turn around and walk away. I don’t even want to see you look in our direction. We are celebrating tonight and you are getting in the way. I want to get back to it. Have a lovely evening, somewhere else.”

She takes one last look at Cory like he is going to defend her. I shake my head and glare at her. She quickly drops her head and walks away. My body is vibrating from the anger and adrenaline pumping through me. Cory pulls me back to him and runs his hands up and down my arms gently a few times. The more contact he makes the more relaxed my body becomes. Lana returns to her seat and tries to start up normal conversation again.

The guys are not having it. Nolan says, “You are bad ass. If that was directed at me, I would be scared for sure.”


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New 5 Star Review for Courage that Counts

new 5 starAmazon

A tear jerker for sure

Roy faces loosing his best friend and he is not ready to face this challenge when it seems like everything is falling on him to be strong. He starts to run only to come face to face with Lana. Lana is a nurse and is use to dealing with death and illness. She is full of hope and full of life sometimes she feels like she herself doesn’t always add up. She hopes she can bring joy to her patients and most of all Roy and his friends.
OMG where do I even begin with the book. When the author puts in the description grab tissues you know its going to be a good book. In this case this book is excellent. It really tugs at your heart and it gets to the heart of the matter while dealing with some deep issues. It deals with loss, love and finding hope. The chemistry will pop out of the book and storyline is well and amazingly written. I really give books five stars but if I could I would give this book so much more. This book does have adult situations in it and I would not recommend for anyone under 18. This is a powerful short love story that is amazing and you will find yourself having a hard time putting it down.

Disclosure: I received this book free of charge from the publisher, but this review consists of my honest opinions, not influenced in any way by the author or publisher.

Cover Reveal Rebuilding Trust and redesigned Courage that Counts

Rebuilding Trust by Elison Grace

Release date: Nov. 3, 2015

Cover Designed by Cover Me Darling



The only thing Cory took serious was his career as a firefighter. His relationships consisted of nothing more than one night stands.

Until he met her.

After Carrie’s heart has been shattered she changed her life. Forced herself to become a strong-willed, independent woman. She didn’t need anyone to support her.

Especially a man.

Cory makes it his mission to win Carrie’s love and trust. Can he help rebuild her shattered heart or

will their hearts end up in a pile of ashes?


Unedited and subject to change

July 2013 Carrie

There are those defining moments in life when your world as you have known it is ripped away from you. You have to decide if you are going to lie down and let it crush you or are you going to get up, strap on your big girl panties, and make a new life. I chose the latter. When my world and future were ripped away from me I chose to redefine myself and become an independent woman. I have been dependent on people my entire life and it has gotten me nothing, but heartache and pain. Time for a change.

I could not believe that I was preparing to marry the man I have loved since I was sixteen years old. Standing in front of the mirror, I felt like a cake topper in my mother’s choice of dress. It was not me at all. You could barely see me or my figure amongst the mounds of tulle in the skirt. The top is long sleeved with lace resting along the collar bone and the back dipping wide, stopping just below my shoulder blades. My exposed shoulder blades were the only skin you could find in this dress. I wanted to take it off as soon as I put it on, but, for my mother’s sake, I came out to show the group. I don’t know why I bothered. There was not a dress in the universe that would make us both happy. This could be why my wedding dress was one of the last things I needed to pick for the wedding.

If I was being honest, it was one of the only things I really got to pick. My mother was trying to hijack that too. When she heard that Toby and I had gotten engaged, she immediately got on the phone with Lois, Toby’s mom. Together the two of them have been planning their dream wedding for us. They came together to pick the location of the wedding, reception and over the top hotel ballroom. The colors, robin’s egg blue with ivory accents with ivory roses all around, are boring. I let them plan it all because they were paying and I didn’t care enough to fight. I just wanted to be married to Toby. He is my heart. We have been together since we were sixteen. Nobody knew me better than him. He is my constant and my strength and I couldn’t wait to have that in my life forever. That’s I all I care about. They can have the rest, except for the dress. I want to pick a dress that makes me feel beautiful and confidant, not like a cake topper.

“Oh, you look like a bride!” Mother coos as Lois nods her agreement. Rolling my eyes, I decide I have to take a stand or I will be stuck in this monstrosity of a wedding dress for my wedding.

“I hate this and I’m not going to wear it. I am going to go back in there, resist the urge to burn this dress, and come out in something I love. This is my day. I appreciate everything you two have done for me, but I need to pick this dress myself.”

Gathering the mass of tulle I stormed off into the dressing room. The consultant followed me in.

“From now on we are just focusing on my picks. Let’s start with that one please,” I said as I pointed to the dress that caught my eye as soon as I walked in.

Sliding the dress over my head, she zipped it up and I turned to face the mirror. Goose bumps pricked my arms and my breath caught. This is the dress that I would marry Toby in.

The dress was everything I never knew I wanted. It just felt right. The bodice was covered in intricate flower patterned lace with pearl straps. The skirt was light ivory tulle with a shear organza overlay. The same lace from the bodice adorned the bottom of the skirt. The piece that made it perfect was the silver belt that was intricately detailed like the lace and had pearl accents throughout.

I had considered taking it off and having them ring it up. I really didn’t want the mothers to ruin this for me. There is no way that would be acceptable to the mothers so I went out there to let them know that this was the one and I am not changing my mind.

Stepping onto the podium, I look at myself in the big mirror.

This was it and I just had to make them see it. I called the bridal consultant over and asked her if she could get me a veil to put on with the dress. I need all the help I can get to get us all on the same page.

Turning towards the group I wait for them to shoot the dress down so I can defend it. My mother’s hand flies to her mouth her eyes sparkle with unshed tears. She looks over at my future mother in law and they both nod.

“This is it. You look gorgeous.” My mother in law says.

Yes, I have found the one. Turning back to the mirror I inspect myself in the mirror. I look like a bride. I am going to walk down the aisle and marry the man of my dreams in this dress. He is going to love it.

My phone chirped from my purse that I had left with my mother. I ignored it. That wasn’t the time for texts. It was time for my celebration. The phone chirped three more times consecutively so I decide that whoever it is must think that whatever they have to say is important. Stepping off the pedestal, I dig my phone from purse and slide my finger across the screen to see who it is. There were four texts from Toby. Opening the first one, I gasped. It was a close up picture of a girl with her lips wrapped around a dick. At first, I was like what the fuck is this? Upon closer inspection I saw the black tribal tattoo down his side that I knew so well. I sat beside Toby when he got it last year. My hands begin to shake. I know I shouldn’t open the rest, but, I can’t seem to stop myself. The next one is a picture of Toby and a bleach blond kissing. Tears stream down my face as everyone watches me. I have not said a word so they don’t know that my heart is shattering. Opening the third, my eyes land on a picture that looks like it was taken by Toby. It shows the entire front of the same girl, fully naked and exposed, as she is riding him. My knees buckle as I look at it and my future is ripped away from me. I switch to the final text.

Toby: Heard you were getting married. Wanted to show you who you were committing your life to.

Throwing the phone as if the words had burned me, I sat there on the floor in a pile of tulle and organza crying over my shattered heart and demolished future.

They say that timing is everything and the timing of the job offer to be a teacher at Loveland Elementary in Colorado couldn’t have been better if I had planned it. I have graduated from Iowa State with a teaching degree. Originally the plan was to try to get a position around Ames, get married, have the two point five kids, and live happily ever after with my high school sweetheart. It was the fairytale everyone talks about. That fairy tale has been crushed and it’s time to create a new story featuring me alone as the heroine. I had not applied to schools out of state and I was surprised when they had called me asking if I would be interested in starting in the upcoming school year. I guess my professor had a friend there and called them to recommend me after she had heard that I may need a new start. I could kiss her for this because that is exactly what I need. I accepted the position without any hesitation and began arranging my new life in Loveland, Colorado.

Through the internet I found a girl who was looking for a roommate. She is a nurse at the cancer center there and seems really nice. My parents have helped me with starting money because they really want me to move away. They don’t like the way my tainted marriage plans and decimated future make them look to their friends. Apparently, I am now an embarrassment because Toby was sticking his dick in other women behind my back.

My car is packed to the brim with all of my possessions. If it didn’t fit in the car, it was staying here. Can you think of a better way to force a new start? I can’t. I don’t have the room to bring my past with me so I have to go and start anew in a new place. Starting with new stuff.

Waking up early, I slide into my Grad Am SE. I don’t bother to say goodbye to mother or the rest of the family. What’s the point? They want me gone so I’m gone. They are not getting any teary, heartfelt goodbyes. They would just be a lie anyway. Backing from the driveway, I start the long drive to Colorado; to my new life.

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Firefighters and best friends, Dylan and Roy, face death on a daily basis.Now they face death personally when Roy is diagnosed with a terminal disease.
Lana, a nurse, becomes the strength Dylan needs when everything is crashing down around him. Will he have the courage to push past the unknown?
When the life he has known goes up in flames will the love of his life rise out of the ashes?

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New 4 star review for Courage that Counts

4 star review

Courage that Counts, Loveland Fire Series Book One,  Elison Grace
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Well, I was unsure about this read, a romance book where one of the main characters is dying? A brave move, and I wasn’t sure it would work. I’ve read a handful of ones with death as a major theme over the years and some were excellent and the others a fail for me. Throw in that this is a debut book for Elison and I really didn’t know what to expect.

I found the romance part a bit slow to begin, and of course death is so hard on everyone involved. Roy is happy with his life, loves his job, has some great friends and adores his wife Michelle and their two girls. And then comes the huge bombshell that changes everything. I felt for them, when I was 36 and in a similar position, great job, good friends, loving husband and three teens I also was diagnosed with cancer that was likely to be terminal. It really does change everything, you become a patient, and its easy to lose the person you are. I was luckier than Roy, and 20 years on I’m still here, but poor Roy goes through some traumatic treatments and every-ones life revolves around his disease, the daily hospital visits and the hoping against hope that things will work out. Along the way Lana comes in and she and Dylan soon hit it off. Then of course their romance also becomes part of the tragedy and suffers from the after effects…that was heart breaking but I understood why it happened.
The death and funeral – that was so well written, felt so real I actually had tears – its a good read that can do that. Michelle and the kids were great characters, so realistic. Roy – I so felt for him, empathized and understood his frustration when things looked bad. How he coped when told there was no more to be done I can’t know – as I said I was luckier – and I can’t imagine how anyone faces that kind of thing. Differently for all I guess. I remember feeling for the doc who told me the chemo hadn’t worked and that I need my leg amputated, thinking how hard for them when the have to deliver bad news. For so many staff we do seem to be people they care for and when things don’t go well they get upset too – that came over really well in the book.
I loved the connection between Lana and Dylan, the way she integrated into the family too, and when it all fell apart I so felt for both of them, Lana especially. There simply wasn’t anything she could do, it was something dylan needed to work through and that was really sad seeing them both distressed. the book is told mainly from Dylan’s POV but there are chapters from Lana too so we get an insight into the thoughts of both of the. Its not all doom and gloom either, there are lots of lighter moments, romantic dates, the firemen’s calendar and the fundraising party, all of those served to balance the dark theme.
Overall its a fun read, not a long one but packed with intensity, and some searingly sensual encounters between Lana and Dylan. It’s not quite a five from me but a very well deserved Four.
Stars: Four, a terrific first book. I’m looking forward to Cory and Carrie next, he’s got some great promise!
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